Bombay Bicycle Club - billiard chandelier installation

Earlier today, I finished the fabrication on the Bombay Bicycle Club bike chandeliers. Since the frames were going to stay their original paint jobs, it was going to be a snappy installation. I dropped the frames off with Jeremy this afternoon and came back this evening to find them fully functioning...killer!

A big thanks to everybody who donated the frames. An extra special thanks to Dan Koenig at Ichi Bike for the numerous frames and chains. I'm finishing up a job for Dan this week that will be installed in Ichi Bike's new location in Des Moines' East Village on Walnut right next to Subsect Skateshop. Last, but certainly not least, thanks Gus, Jeremy and Mike for allowing me to do something cool and original for ya'll's new tavern.

Here's to the "cherry on top."

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