Eastbound and down...

It's a bon voyage to the Southwest tomorrow morning. This has been a great trip. I really haven't felt this sense of freedom since traveling with a band in the back of a van. Getting away and seeing the variation of terrain around the country is inspiring, especially during the long winter months in Iowa. Thanks to everyone who showed Jon and I some generous hospitality over the past week and a half. It was greatly appreciated. Despite the gorgeous Arizona weather, I'm ready to get back and get some product shipping out of the shop.


Saturday swing...

For Bethany...

The veggie shots are from AJ's Fine Foods in Mesa. I've seen some nice markets before, including Harrod's in London, but as a utilitarian, everyday market, this place rules. Their selection of beef, though quite expensive, looked amazing. I finally found my scallops and mussels there...

Pool side, beers and a burn...

"It just doesn't get any better than this..."

Friday took Jon and I out on the town briefly in the morning. Failing to find a fresh seafood purveyor, we headed back for some R&R in the backyard. Jon wanted a burn and received one. I made eggrolls last night, but failed to get any pictures. Amber lent a hand in helping me cook filling and roll sixty eggrolls. They were gone in quick fashion...much like me. A few beers and little sleep from the night before sent me to bed in early fashion.


Time for me to go away...Western Sky

Happy Birthday, Snyder!!

He ain't heavy...he's my brother.

Bob Loblaw's Law Blog...w/ Cluuuubbb Sauce!!!

Jon and I started kicking around North Phoenix yesterday by visiting our friend Justin P. Oddly, Justin has an uncanny resemblance to Jon's brother, Danny. Justin works at Sucker Punch Sallys in Scottsdale. It was weird driving around all these corporate box-type buildings only to find one with a bunch of scoots on lifts and mechanics assembling them. The above pic shows the new shop gloves I fashioned for him after lunch.

The afternoon held for us a sweet treat. We drove across town to Foundry Moto to tour the shop and have some incredible hospitality laid upon us by Matt and Robbie. Thanks for the tour of the joint and all the stories, Matt.

This is the first sidecar for Matt built for his 10-year-old son who's in a wheelchair. He fabricated 10 more for others in the San Diego area where he splits his time.

The cab-over bus is one of only 15 in existence. Of those, only five are on the road. This is one of them; ready to haul Matt's son, some bikes, surfboards and hit the beach.

View from the loft in the shop. Yep, that's a fireman's pole...it may have other uses than that though.



Show Low

Here's some pics from the today's travels. We're in Show Low, AZ tonight trying to avoid an overheating Corolla. It's close to runnin' in the red and we'd rather be broke down in the daylight. I'll post more tomorrow....Zzzzzz



Jon called yesterday and said taking the '29 was not an option. He gave it a valiant effort, but alas, his carburetors wouldn't cooperate. Instead, it's the daily driver...a Toyota.

Left home at 9am. Ate at Arthur Bryants in K.C. with our friend Justin. Some damn good BBQ if you've never had it. Driving through Kansas sucks. Trying to get to Amarillo, Tex-ass for some tasty beers tonight...I just want to be in a different time zone...


Coat Rack - completion

Here's the completed coat rack. Thank you again Dr. Davis and Kel Anne. I can't wait to install the frames.


Coat Rack - finishing

This picture really doesn't do it justice...but the mounts are complete. Two 3/8" stainless steel rods attached to a stainless plate below support the rack. The overall width of the rack is about 52". The mounting holes are spaced 48" on center.

A coat of satin polyurethane warmed up the maple.


Gonna get my kicks on Route 66

So me and my homeboy, Jon, just confirmed today that we are leaving the Midwest on Monday morning. He recently "completed" a '29 Chevy hot rod and we're gonna take it on it's first big maiden voyage. It's gonna be tight quarters, but we're in search of warmer weather and are willing to do the "close 'bro" thing. Destination: Phoenix. I will be posting here everyday, multiple times...outside...in a t-shirt.

Lumicor frames - II

Tuesday's output consisted of laying out the definitive dimensions and sawing parts to size. After taking them out of the clamps, it was over to the table saw to rip down the rough edges and square them up. The dado blades were then stacked with a shim in between them to achieve a groove slightly over 1/4". The overall width of the rails is 2 3/4" with a groove depth of 2".

Here's how the pieces turned out after routing and then sanding to a 220 grit. Tomorrow, the bottoms of the frames will get the same treatment and I'll dry fit them before pinning the tenons.

This is gonna look sweet... I'm thinking this configuration would look great as a component of a modern handrail.


Solaz - Blanco Viura

Maple/walnut Lumicor frames

Work commenced on Complete Spine and Headache Center's frames today. The frames are being built predominantly out of hard maple, but will include a 1/4" walnut inlay to align aesthetically with their coat rack. The maple was planed, ripped and glued as the photos show. The walnut pieces came from a 8/4 board that was exactly 6" wide. The walnut was ripped in two and then resawed into 1/4" thick material. Tomorrow, the stacked dado goes to work establishing a continuous groove for the Lumicor to slide into. Confused? It'll all come together on Tuesday...

Here's a mock-up of the edge of the frames. The corners will have a 1/4" round-over to them...


Sugar Valley Iron in Des Moines' "Juice"

Check out the article in Juice from January on Sugar Valley Iron...

Dax Kurtis Frey

For my godson's baptism, I fashioned this cross (approx. 12" tall) for him. It's some drop-off from the barn wood bed. "ihs" is an acronym for "in His steps."


Barn wood bed - the prequel

By next week this will be a side rail for a four-poster bed. The bed is being constructed out of reclaimed barn wood purchased from Set In Stone in Winterset, IA. All joints are pinned mortise and tenon. This photo shows what will be a double tenon; shoulder cuts have been made with one run through the table saw with a stacked dado blade. Each tenon will be 1"x3".

Coat Rack II - faced in zebra

After being elated with yesterday's preliminary results of maple and walnut lamination, I decided to take it one step further. I had one piece of zebrawood lying around that managed to give me one 3" wide portion. I was apprehensive due to the eratic grain and figuring zebrawood has. But I am always happy to admit when I am wrong and will almost always do so to myself. Aside from some hairline splits with the grain, it laminated pretty well. I get an Art Deco feel with the gentle curves and light grain. It will be up to Dr. Davis as to which he will prefer at his practice. Thanks for the inspiration, Tony.

Casillero del Diablo

Archived pieces...