Zart 1312 forged railing - cont. Day 2 install

...two more panels installed. Four down, five to go.

Zart 1312 forged railing - cont.

Here's some pics from the past week. April and I started installation on Saturday and will continue everyday until it's finished. The mahogany molding needs to be attached to the top channel, but this is how they look inside of Zart.

Thanks Maribeth, Dennis, Daphne, Norm and "DELBERT!"


Zart 1312 forged railing

We're hard to work on the interior railing for Zart 1312's new space in downtown Des Moines. Hundreds and hundreds of feet of 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" round steel bar has to be forged to give the appearance of growing vines...and the forging is done cold. Needless to say, we've had our cores shaken.

While we take care of the steel fabrication, Terry Reeves (below) is fashioning a mahogany molding to cover the steel channel. Finish will be raw steel with the client applying a satin oil-based polyurethane.


16th Annual YWRC "Sit On It!" benefit

This will be the third year I've proudly donated some furniture pieces to the Young Women's Resource Center's annual "Sit On It!" benefit. This year is a little different, as I've collaborated with interior designer, associate and all-around-swell-guy, Daniel Hyland These tables measure 18"h and 12"w fashioned out of 1/4" x 9" mild steel, designed by Daniel. They are shown here prior to being powder-coated.

Please make plans to attend the event on April 16th at the Polk County Convention Complex featuring these tables, and many other items built and donated by other Des Moines artists and builders. Contact Christina Jarck with the YWRC at 244-4901 for more information.


Matt Gardner Residence - installation

'Twas a chilly day for an installation this morning. Luckily, everything went off without a hitch. Thanks to Matt Gardner of Gardner Homes for allowing us build for his personal residence. Another BIG thanks to Brian Miller with Miller's Custom Powder Coating for shooting the stair rails on this job on a Saturday morning. Your generosity and kindness has no boundaries....

This build was fabricated of 3" sq. tube posts, 1 1/2" sq. tube rails and 3/4" sq. tube pickets. The rails were powdered with a 20% semi-gloss black finish and anchored to the deck with 5/16" lags.


Matt Gardner Residence

Here's some shots of yesterday's activities in the shop. The stair rails for the Gardner Residence were mocked up and fit yesterday. Everything was plumb, and the posts hit each tread just like they're supposed to. Pickets were tacked in place, and final welding needs to be done later today before installation tomorrow. It's gonna look great.