Swanson/Real tables...mock-up

Today, I had to put a lot of focus on getting these tables completely fabricated and mocked-up. They will be going to powder tomorrow in order to get them done this week while I'm in St. Louis. I like the way these go together because the steel framework isn't all one piece. The bottom shelf and tabletop is attached to each piece of wood, respectively, and thus secures the entire structure. It makes shipping and moving a lot easier. I'll have some more pics next week after the wood is stained and the steel has been shot.

I'm really thinking of making this a production piece...you choose wood, stain and powder color.


Fawn's rails - installation

Here's the installation of some rooftop rails at Fawn's Asian Cuisine in Des Moines, Iowa.


Welding caps...homemade style

I never liked the welding caps I used to get for free from the vendors that used to frequent the shop. So, I took one home, ripped out the stiching and voila!...I had templates to stich my own. After taming a fiercely uncooperative sewing machine last night, I was able to put Israel and Deutschland together. France and Switzerland are on their way...

Swine board

It's a maple pig with walnut racing stripes. Bethany is going to shoot some professional photos of it tomorrow.

Fawn's rails

These are totally function pieces. 1 1/4" tube, 3/8" FB flanges. These rails get mounted on the side of a restaurant in Des Moines as a safety precaution to keep maintenance workers from taking a spill while servicing exhaust fans. Installation pics to come at the end of the week.


Table tops

I picked up steel on Friday and fabricated the apron/skirting this afternoon that will be inlaid on top of each table. 1/8" x 2" x 2" angle. One of two 20" x 28" end tables is pictured here.



Six walnut glue-ups for the Swanson/Real coffee and end tables...Tops and bottoms...


Swanson/Real tables

Here's the beginning of the process - laying the ideas out on paper and plan, plan, plan. It's been a while since I've spent any time out in the shop, but that's about to change. My love of cooking took me out on the road for a month during July/August as a touring caterer for the "Rock The River" Christian music festival. Long days and hot heat quenched my thirst for culinary for a while. It was a lot of fun and I was blessed to make a lot of new friends.

These tables will lead off the fall season in the shop for me and end up in Chicago in about a month. Thanks to Jason and Alex for the work. Always means a lot to build pieces for friends. Tomorrow will be a lot of ripping, planing, jointing and gluing of walnut. I'm excited to get back at it...cheers.