New sticker...get some.

New black on white 4.25" x 2.75" stickers will be here in a few weeks. Want a couple? Drop me your snail mail here ----> info AT factoriifab DOT com


Haiku - "Yes...Good Day" - The triumphant return of "JG!"

"Yes, good day, Terry!"

Today was quite the productive and prosperous undertaking. Terry and I managed to demo what was-to-be the original counter substrate yesterday and build all the carcases for new cabinetry today. One 8' carcase and two at 42". The spaces in between will house a 4' reach-in cooler for the sushi chefs. Terry will be trimming all the faces in 3/4" x 1 1/2" red oak tomorrow.

But...and "listen to me now..."

This progress wouldn't have happened today if it weren't for Terry suggesting we "bring JG onto the job." JG is our trusty jobsite Craftsman table saw. Earlier in the year at the London Underground in Ames, we found JG next to an empty Miller Lite keg in the basement one morning. Yeah, he may have had a few pints the night before, but he performed like a champ that day.

Funny, JG is just where you'd expect to find him - bellied up to the bar. Too bad nobody told him the Miller guy has yet to drop off any inventory... GOOD DAY!


Haiku - booth installation...many days

Here's the progress of the Haiku built-ins after a week's worth of installation work. 2x4 frame construction with true 4/4 solid white oak. I spent the good part of Christmas Eve staining the entire build a water-based "Espresso" stain with Terry's HVLP gun. Initially, the plan was to have only a clear polyurethane topcoat - then the chairs and tables arrived. Both are finished dark. Very dark.

The booth runs are 20' and 30', respectively. Hopefully Haiku will be open within the month. Sushi anyone?


Haiku - booth construction, day 2

We be jammin'...

Frames are done and we moved on to some sizable glue-ups.


Haiku - booth construction, day 1

Here's a side view drawing of what is going to be 50'+ of seating for a new restaurant by the name of Haiku on the Drake campus. Plywood? Hell no. The backrests and seats on this installation will be solid 5/4 white oak.

Bob and I tore through over 200 bf in the planer with a couple of passes on table saw as well for preparation of glue-ups tomorrow. 2x4 frame construction 16" on center is probably overkill on something like this, but that's the way I want it. Besides, who's to tell me I'm wrong? I've been accused of over-engineering before...and I honestly don't mind it.