Goemaat tables for Deborah Philips Interior Design

This has been a steadily planned project for a few months now. Interior designer Deborah Phillips approached me about building a few tables out of one retail table...basically, cutting what was to be two tops - now three - out of one of these.

What we ended up with were a desk (23 1/2" x 70"), a coffee table (28" x 51") and a round end table that has yet to be built. The huge slab of wood came from Restoration Hardware in one gigantic 77" x 62" slab with a thin-walled sq. tube frame beneath it.

At almost 2 1/2" thick, it wasn't the lightest piece I've ever dealt with.

The coffee table is composed of 2" sq. steel legs with a 1" sq. steel perimeter around the top and 1" sq. steel cross members at the ends on the bottom. This piece has been force oxidized and sealed with a clear powder coat finish.

The desk's frame is composed of 1 1/2" sq. steel tubing throughout. The center ring is 6" dia., 3/4" tubing. The "rays" are solid 1/2" sq. steel bar. The desk has been finished with "breccia smooth matte" powder coat.


Old school boy eyes some old school equipment

My bud, Dan Dahle gets around...I don't ask doing what, he just gets around. Here, he spies another vintage welder in northwestern Iowa. It must have flooded there lately, the work clamp was plugged into "High Ground." Double D says this unit is still in use.


Hohanshelt Residence - exterior railing

A LOT of railing for Melanie and Jason. Steel 2" sq. tube posts, 1 1/2" sq. tube top rails, 1" sq. tube bottom rails, 1/2" rd. bar laterals. Silver powder coat finish by Miller's Custom Powder Coating. Thanks for Melanie, Jason, Gardner Homes, "Broseph" Bryce, Logan for taking the time to drop off the last couple of stair rails yesterday and everyone back at the shop for helping knock out this project in short order...really short order - thanks Terry, Tyler and J.J.

Clean and contemporary. I dig it. Cheers.



Vintage welder still in use in northern Missouri. Spied by my bud, Double D.