Introducing the Gaucho Grill

This has been an ongoing project for the better part of six months now. Mike "The Grill Guy" Schmitt approached me months ago about helping design and fabricate this fun cookout creation. I always take a fond interest in projects related to the food industry - especially this one. It's not a primary grill, but for anyone that consider himself or herself an outdoor chef, this charcoal/wood grill is gonna be tough to beat. Below is some text from Mike's press release along with his contact information.

It's been a pleasure collaborating on this project...and bringing back Mike's inner punk.


The Gaucho Grill is inspired by South American outdoor cooking. Argentinians typically build fires and cook over them in time honored methods that are starting to catch on in the United States. The Gaucho Grill is made in Des Moines, Iowa by Factor II Fabrication for Grill'N Out!

The Gaucho Grill is easy to use, easy to clean, flexible, mobile and built to last a lifetime. Cooks can Grill, Indirect Grill, Griddle, Skewer, Rotisserie, Roast directly on the coals and use Dutch Ovens or other cast iron cookery on the coals as well.

I designed The Gaucho Grill because I was tired of running out of fuel before I was done cooking? You will never run out of fuel again because you can always add fuel at anytime during the cooking process with our open firebox technology. Simply burn wood to embers or prepare Lump Charcoal to ensure even heat transfer then drag the coals under the cooking surface of your food. When the ashes cool, simply pull them off the grill into a trash receptacle.

The Current Model is the 5'. It has 10 square feet of flexible cooking space. Most grills are measured by sq inches! The size and construction lends itself to opportunities to customize, let us know what you'd like to put on your grill.
The Gaucho Grill offers a Customer Satisfaction Warranty on Firebox Burnout, all other components come with a one year limited warranty.
So, If you're fed up with small grills with limited space or limited cooking methods contact us today.

Mike "The Grill Guy"

Sculpture - Daniel Hyland Design

Finished this one a couple of weeks ago for Daniel Hyland Design. Client supplied driftwood mounted on raw, unfinished mild steel.

Schwertfeger Residence - reclaimed wood floor lamp

Here's a floor lamp we fashioned out of a 8' reclaimed tree. The limbs were forged out of 1" pipe to allow for the wiring to be concealed. The flanges had holes drilled drilled in them before the limbs were welded to them. This allowed the client to run the wiring down the back of the trunk and through the base.

The globes...are another story. Jeremy and his wife found them in Italy, thinking they would be the perfect adornment for this project. They came packaged as geometric pieces that required "some assembly"...and a doctorate in advanced mathematical analysis. The instructions included some rough drawings...and directions in Italian. Luckily, Jeremy's father is known to feed on challenging, brain-busting puzzles. What we struggled with all summer, took him a few hours.

The result is this one-of-a-kind, rustically modern piece.