Daniel Hyland Design

Daniel and I delivered this table to the Niegsch Residence in Ames this afternoon. The powder-coated finish is actually "statuary bronze," intended to feign a well-worn bronze piece. This finish, coupled with the simple, clean lines makes for a very elegant piece if I do say so myself. With the table to the wall, there are absolutely no visible welds. This simplicity, in my mind, is due to very thoughtful and intelligent design.

The expression "less is more" is an understatement with regards to this piece. Well done, Daniel! Thank you for allowing me to fabricate it...


Daniel Hyland Design

Here's a table I finished fabricating today for Daniel Hyland Design. 1/4" x 12" plate was used to build a side table 36"H x 48"L. The powder finish will be similar to that of an oil rubbed bronze.


Herron Residence railing installation - part ii

Here's the finality of railing for the Herron residence in North Liberty. Thanks again, Kent, for the your extreme generosity, patience and hospitality. Hope we can work together again!


The Lift installation

'Twas a gorgeous day for an installation this afternoon. I'm usually very satisfied with the projects I create. I won't send them out if they aren't, but I'm VERY happy with how this sign came together. I just looks "classy." Clean.

"Thanks to the Academy" goes out to Amedeo Rossi and T.J. Wood. Cheers fellas!!!


The Lift

The original sign for The Lift (see above), on 4th St. in downtown Des Moines, is a little worn out. Here's the work being done on the new one. The background is a 4/4 cypress wood glue-up. The framework, scroll work and lettering is all 1/8" mild steel that was cut on a water jet. The steel is attached with 1/4" x 20 NC studs through the wood. This'll be an improvement for the long haul indeed. Thanks to TJ and 'Deo...


Herron Residence railing installation

Here's the completed installation of the Herron residence railing from Saturday. Actually, this is "Phase I" of the job. A portion of the deck that is wood and not the rubber membrane was built out to be flush with the fascia of the garage. That will be fabricated and hopefully installed next week. Thanks to Kent Herron for his incredible hospitality and patience! I wish every client was as kind and generous as you, sir! A big thanks to my bro-in-law, Clint Haight, for throwing me a lending hand on the install on one of his days off. Always appreciated. Clint didn't want his picture taken...see below. They're actually a couple of nice shots...



Kent Herron's rails

Here's a 20' section of railing being built for a client in North Liberty, IA. The sections of railing are to be side-mounted to the fascia with 3/8" lags through 3/8" thick 4"x6" flanges. Tubing is 1 1/2" square with 1/2" sq. solid pickets. Finish will be a black powder coat finish.

The rails are side-mount due to the deck actually being the roof of the client's garage. The roof in turn is a rubber membrane, so putting holes in it is being avoided for obvious reasons.

This photo is at the beginning of the build. Fabrication is complete with only a little grinding left before having them shot. Installation should happen at the end of the week.