From barn to bed....soon

After starting this project over a year ago, I'm hoping to bring it into our new home this weekend. I spent part of this afternoon pining the tenons with 3/8" wood lags. A comprehensive explanation of construction will follow upon completion of this bed...stay tuned.

Rosenberg Residence - Planter Deux

Tracy and Steve Rosenberg have fast become quite the clients. I love their modern sense of style and attitudes as stewards of their home. Here's the latest addition to the southern exterior wall of their garage. 14 gage mild steel with a forced oxidation finish. 32" x 96".


Kraft Foods/Meredith dinner at Proof Restaurant - DSM, IA

On May 10, earlier this month, Meredith Corporation hosted a party here in Des Moines at Proof Restaurant for Kraft Food's Food & Family magazine. Friend and frequent collaborator, Daniel Hyland, was contracted to design the party's decor. I fabricated a couple of tall square planters, the table chargers and the 30" diameter center piece for the evening's festivities.



The Big 6

I was happy to finally deliver Daniel Hyland's totally-sleek, ultra-low, super-cool coffee table to him this evening. Daniel is in the midst of a home renovation himself; as evidenced by the dusty wood floors (walls and ceiling were just skim-coated.) Modern doesn't begin to describe this piece, or what the room will look like. Bethany will be shooting some better pics of this when Daniel completes his living room.

Thanks again, D....

Design and concept: Daniel J. Hyland Interior Design
Fabrication: Boonie - Factor II Fabrication
Materials: 1" mild steel sq. tube, 14 ga. hot rolled steel
Finish: Raw!
Dimensions: 72"L, 48"W, 6"H


A House Is Never Done...

Yes, my posts have been few and far between. Yes, I've been busy building for clients. And yes, I'll be sure to get some photos of some current projects up soon. But, a few things have been consuming my time these days. Namely, Bethany (credit goes to her for the pics in this post) and I purchased a house in Des Moines in March. For the last couple of months, it's been a whirlwind of painting, plumbing, carpentry, masonry, electrical, more carpentry, MORE painting, bleeding, sweating, shivering, frustration, glee, demolition, flooring and some more painting just for good measure. Homeowners, you know what I'm talking about.

It never ends.

Especially today.

As we found out on Sunday, a queen size mattress was not going to fit up our existing stair structure due to a restrictive balustrade. I was damn determined to get that box spring up to the second floor today. That's where the demolition came in. I don't have any "before" pictures other than the old white oak balusters and railing that first lived there when the house was built. I guess frustration gave way to demolition at this point. Needless to say, I'll be fabricating a new detachable railing system in the very near future...

Additionally, I've taken a job as a line cook here in Des Moines at a place called Alba Restaurant in the East Village of downtown Des Moines. It's proved both challenging and rewarding all at the same time. It's creating and building on an entirely different level of food service I've yet to experience. Needless to say, I'm learning so much everyday...

Keep the inquiries and jobs coming...I'll be posting some of the work I've done for Daniel Hyland Interior Design in the coming weeks. He's become a dear, dear friend and a inspirational interior designer Des Moines sorely needs. Please check out his site and tell him I sent you. (He works both coasts and everywhere in between.)

So, until then, I'm gonna finishing drinking this beer, shower and hit the hay...