Ichi Bike - clothing racks

The point of view is a little skewed here. I tried taking a pic from right over the rack on ladder and this was the best vantage point I could get.
If a bike could be a Transformer, this is what it would turn into - a clothing rack. Well, at least in the mind of Ichi Bike owner Dan Koenig's. This utilized the entire framework of a men's Schwinn. The seat stays and chain stays were cut from the rest of the frame and refashioned to become gussets. The forks were turned upside-down and now rest in the crank housing to hold a spotlight. The rest of the frame will be used to hang t-shirts from. This being a men's bike, it only seems fitting that it will display men's clothing. Tomorrow, I'll finish work up on the women's display. The gals get two frames though. That one is going to be really sharp since both frames are identical Schwinns. If Dan's ready for installation tomorrow, we'll do that too.

A sprocket becomes a wall flange. I wanted to use sprockets on the top as well, but Dan insisted on galvanized plumbing flanges.

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