Bombay Bicycle Club - billiard chandeliers

Here's a fun little project I need to finish this week. I'm a little behind on this time-wise, but I have a legitimate reason - see the previous post. The newly opened Bombay Bicycle Club, 8410 Hickman Rd., is where these billiard lights will be heading. Co-owners Gus Ramirez and Jeremy Mahler asked me to fabricate frames and forks only into a square fixture suspended over the tables by the bikes' chains. I'm still looking for some shades to direct some of the light, but may end up fabricating those with some 22 ga. steel myself.

This is the first of three chandeliers to be built. Crusiers, BMX, mountain, 10-speed - there's a little bit of everything going into these. I thought I had enough bikes, but was one short of the required dozen. So, today I headed over to my folks' place and grabbed my childhood two-wheeler - the chrome Murray. It was the perfect size in relation to the rest of these smaller frames, so I made the sacrifice. At least I'll know where it'll always be.

*BTW*...Lest you think there's no "cool" place in West Des Moines - where people have their cake AND eat it too - I ask you to visit BBC. With Gus involved, the place definitely has a vibe and subtle look to it reminiscent of Hairy Marys...

Thanks to all those who answered the call for bikes on Facebook. A big thanks to Ichi Bike's owner, Dan Koenig for the numerous donations to the cause.

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