Larson Residence - stairs cont.

Here's a mock up of the basement stair stringers for Steven. The set in the foreground will actually be turned 180 degrees as they are shown here and go from the landing to the main floor.


Larson Residence - stairs

The first of four stringer sets to replace traditional lumber/drywall flights that have been demoed out...


Stelter Co. wall

Here's the completed project for the Stelter Company. Thank you to everyone who helped out on this build. Dan Hunt AIA, Miller's, Tony The Painter, Snyder and especially D. Boone for his many, many hours spent sanding all of those cypress slats. You definitely have some ownership in the benches.

Thank you to everyone at Stelter as well. You all were a pleasure to work with - especially Russ and Mark. True gentlemen.



Stelter Co. wall mock-up

"I'm building a wall, a fine wall/Not so much to keep you out, more to keep me in." -Pet Shop Boys "Building A Wall"

Close to being completed. Sheeting today and paint tonight.