e5w office suites...

"I love it when a plan comes together." -Hannibal Smith

36w 144l 40h 14 ga. raw steel table to be finished in a clear oil-based polyurethane. Substrate is a laminate of two sheets of 3/4" plywood.

Design and concept by Factor II Fabrication and Brett Wilson.

Table top.

Table legs.

Table center.



Things have become quite busy 'round here...and don't appear to be slowing any time soon. The following is from the Craigslist posting we made last week. Just to preface what will already be stated below, we are looking for someone who has experience FABRICATING RAILING. This is very important.

The ideal candidate will:

* possess TIG, MIG, and stick welding skills (min. 3 years)
* possess general steel fabrication (bending, torching, cutting) and wood carpentry skills
* have experience fabricating and installing steel railings and staircases
* have the ability to read and interpret a tape measure, blueprints and architect/designer drawings
* have a valid driver's license and dependable transportation
* have a strong work ethic and prompt adherence to start times and deadlines
* be drug-free with no criminal background

Candidates must meet the above criteria to be considered.

This position offers the opportunity to work with a small team on creative projects ranging from custom railings to furniture to art installations. The position starts at 20 hours per week with the potential for full-time work very soon. Position begins as soon as possible.

Candidates meeting all resume criteria will be required to perform a small fabrication test that exhibits his/her skills in interpreting drawings, cutting material, welding and grinding before being offered the position. This is more than JUST A WELDING GIG. Welding is about 10% of this job. We need a fabricator, not just a welder.

Email correspondence only. Thank you.


Red Dot Advertising + Design

These stairs went together in relatively short order...as did the railing. 12" channel. 3" x 12" Glulam treads. 1 1/4" sq. railing with 1/2" round laterals. 1 5/8" OD handrail. 14 ga. closer plates were installed this afternoon after having been prefinished with an oil-based polyurethane.

You & Me Co. - tables

The first of 15 tables for the forthcoming downtown drinking establishment You & Me Company. 3" sq. table legs. Tops to be provided by client. This table is dining height whose top will measure approx. 72" x 34". No powder coat finish, just a clear polyurethane over raw steel.




Thanks to those who helped out over the past week. CzechMate, DB, April and BJ. Very grateful to Scott and Beth Henderson for coordinating and delivering material on a Saturday. Greatly appreciated.

Sometimes, you just gotta kick it out...


"La Maison Unique" --Thomas Heatherwick

I had the pleasure of visiting Longchamp in SoHo, NYC a couple of weeks ago. The most amazing set of stairs built by British designer/architect/fabricator Thomas Heatherwick. Inspiring.


Schmitt Table

Cherry tabletop (51" x 32") in mahogany stain with semi-gloss polyurethane finish. Vintage pedestal provided by client in black powder coat finish by Miller's Custom Powder Coating.


Bussanmas Residence - exterior railing

This railing is almost identical to the interior other than the molding on top is 1" x 3" rectangular tubing.

Black powder-coated finish with stainless steel hardware and cabling.


Daniel Hyland Design - end tables

18"x18"x18" 11 ga. steel cube in oil-rubbed bronze powder finish.

12"x12"x18" 1/4" aluminum plate in oil-rubbed bronze powder finish.


Bussanmas Residence - desk leg

This leg was built to resemble the Bussanmas' interior cable railing. 1" x 2" rectangular tube, 1" x 1 1/2" flat bar, 21" x 21" x 1/4" mounting plate.

Better pics to follow once it is attached to its kidney-shaped desktop.


Bussanmas Residence - stainless steel cable railing

3/16" stainless steel cable railing. Custom-built 1/4" mild steel posts and framework. Black powder coat finish by Miller's Custom Powder Coating.

We're VERY proud of this railing job. Thank you Bret and Becky Bussanmas for giving us the chance to build something showing the full potential of our craftsmanship. All the best to you and your family. We hope we've done all we could to make your house a home. Cheers...


Larson Residence - stairs cont.

Here's a mock up of the basement stair stringers for Steven. The set in the foreground will actually be turned 180 degrees as they are shown here and go from the landing to the main floor.


Larson Residence - stairs

The first of four stringer sets to replace traditional lumber/drywall flights that have been demoed out...


Stelter Co. wall

Here's the completed project for the Stelter Company. Thank you to everyone who helped out on this build. Dan Hunt AIA, Miller's, Tony The Painter, Snyder and especially D. Boone for his many, many hours spent sanding all of those cypress slats. You definitely have some ownership in the benches.

Thank you to everyone at Stelter as well. You all were a pleasure to work with - especially Russ and Mark. True gentlemen.



Stelter Co. wall mock-up

"I'm building a wall, a fine wall/Not so much to keep you out, more to keep me in." -Pet Shop Boys "Building A Wall"

Close to being completed. Sheeting today and paint tonight.



Stelter Co. bench mock-up

1/2" x 1 1/2" aluminum flat bar. Cypress slats ripped to 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". 10' long. Design by Daniel Hunt - Connect Architecture + Design.



A lot of cypress for the Stelter Company benches. I can't express how much I want these done.



Aluminum console table mock-up

Console table for Daniel Hyland Design. 1/4" aluminum. 80Lx24Hx12W.

I could see leaving this in just a media-blasted finish...


Four-poster steel bed mock-up

Four-poster bed for Daniel Hyland Design. 2" posts. 2" angle side rails. 1 1/2" sq. tube bracing at head and foot and top perimeter.


New hoodies and shirts

New Factor II Fabrication 2012 Spring Slacker Collection available here. Limited run of hoodies ($14) and tees ($8). Pick them up at the shop for that price, or have them shipped anywhere in the lower 48 for a few bucks more.