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Factor II Fabrication
5268 NW 2nd Ave.
Des Moines IA 50313



Americana Restaurant and Lounge

Here's some pics of the wine racks going into the soon-to-open Americana Restaurant and Lounge at 1312 Locust across from Des Moines' Pappajohn Sculpture Garden. 1 1/2" sq. tube frames with 1/2" sq. bar. Each rack will house 60-70 bottles of wine. These will definitely be a fine focal point, among MANY more in what's shaping up to be a uniquely modern interior. More pics to come...


Remembrance Table Designs

I don't get to fabricate aluminum as much as I'd like, so this job has been a welcome change of pace lately. This project is a prototype for Dave Fremming and his company,Remembrance Table Designs, in Ankeny, IA. Most of Dave's products are fashioned out of wood and adorned with ornate handles - the entire product built by various craftsmen from around Iowa.

Hopefully, the aluminum table will find its way to Dave's permanent line. Thanks, Dave! You are an absolute pleasure to work with. I'm always happy to help out another carpenter!!!


Marge's kitchen island

Here's the completed kitchen island for my friend, Maggie Senn. 1" mild steel sq. tube legs with 1/2" solid round bar for the shelving in a "statuary bronze" powder coat finish. The top is a 1" thick maple butcher's block with 3" wide trim pieces wrapped around its perimeter. 2" locking casters keep the island mobile, but stationary when desired. Hidden under the block is a 1 1/2" thick piece of granite, supplied by Marge's, er, I mean, Maggie's mother, Jennifer. The block is removable so the granite can be used for baking purposes.

Thanks for your patience, Maggie! I hope this piece is integral in helping you prepare many, many fine dinners. Don't forget to KEEP THE WOOD OILED! Oh, and NEVER cut directly on the granite - you might as well bang your knives on the pavement.

Bon appetit.


2011 DSM Juice Mixies awards

Thanks to my pal, Eric Rowley, for bringing the photo shoot into the shop for a session with one of this year's winners, Canby. Check out all of the winners at Juice or pick up a copy at your local merchant.


Zart 1312 forged railing...FIN!!!

Well, it came down to the 11th hour, but the railing for Zart 1312 was indeed ready to go for Maribeth's first event on April 1. A few loose ends need to be tied up, but we're pretty much a wrap on this one. Though, Maribeth has a few more builds inside to complete. They should be great too!

Thanks go out to Terry Reeves for the milling of the mahogany molding, Nate Fetus for pitching in on the cleaning of the rails and especially April Moore for her undying eagerness to learn and heed constructive criticism. April's dedication to the build really made this job a success. Seriously, I couldn't have done a job this big in such a short period of time without her enormous contribution. You have a solid future in this field, girl!

Thanks, ALWAYS, to Miller's Custom Powder for their extraordinary generosity and hospitality.

Last but not least, thanks to Maribeth Trevillyan for trusting us in getting the job right and installed on time. It was a pleasure working on this one, despite the long, long days and nights and we look forward to knocking out that list of future endeavors.

So...cheers. I'm gonna go sleep for a couple days.