Bombay Bicycle Club - billiard chandelier completed fabrication

The pile of booty before fabrication...

This was the second frame composed mainly of women's cruisers...

This is the last of three frames to be fabricated. A couple of men's mountain bikes, a 10-speed and a woman's mountain bike. Some ghastly ugly ones.

What a terrible name for a bicycle. I have a hunch about the history of this bike. Judging by the color scheme, I'm guessing this was sold at a Wal-Mart store in the early '90s. The kid that rode it sported a Detroit Lions Starter jacket during the cold months and Hypercolor t-shirts and stone-washed jeans when it warmed up. Oh, and those jeans? They were tight-rolled. He was one of the last to let go of that fad. His mix-tape was a soundtrack of who's who of early '90s Top 40. "Whoop, There It Is" definitely made the list. As did the Proclaimers, EMF and Jesus Jones. Did I hear some Bel Biv Devoe in there? Damn skippy, I did.
You know, for all the shit the '80s gets for its over-indulgence and hideous fashion, the hangover that was the early '90s trumps it. Silk shirts. 4 Non Blondes. Polos. Garth Brooks. Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I don't miss the mediocrity that was the '90s at all. And the "Fugitive" here, well, it represents all that was lame about that decade. I pray there's no nostalgic reprise of any of this.

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