Lincoln Residence

3" x 3" x 1/4" angle frame. 1/2" x 2" cross-members. Drain grate inside dimensions are approximately 23 1/2" x 25". All welds Code-Arc 7018 H4R rod. Heavy duty (over)-construction as the wife will be driving over the grate everyday. The drain was formerly covered by wood 2x's.

Thanks, Peta and Suzi...


This is some mad talent

Here's a link a friend of mine passed on featuring the metal skills of a gal by the name of Cal Lane. This blows my mind with how intricate she is with a torch. I don't envy her monthly oxy-acetylene bill...


I need some room...

...so I'm offering these Adirondack chairs at $325/pr. Only one pair for sale, the ones taking up room in the shop right now.

heartwelds@gmail.com if you have questions...


Jordan Creek trash receptacles

Brother Ryan O'Rourke came down the other day on his way back home to Christmas. He wanted to do some work in the shop and luckily, this dirty job was just getting underway. These receptacles measure 21 1/2" x 21 1/2" comprised of 1 1/2" tube square. The bottom 8" is being cut off and replaced with all new 14 ga. Ryan was the cut man yesterday, as I served as the welder.

Caption from the second picture could read as this: "What do you want?!? I'm trying to work here!!"

I wish I had half a dozen employees like Ryan...


Ferjak Residence - gate

Here's a drawing I did last night before leaving the shop. It's a drawing of a residential gate for the Ferjak residence. Arched-top with vineyard bar and forged leaves on top. In lieu of steel pickets, Western red cedar will be used with negative cut-outs of a 2 1/2" square turned 45 deg. in between the cedar boards. Finish is oil-rubbed bronze.

Wagaman Residence - stair stringer

Here's the fabrication process, thus far, for the Wagaman residence. The 3/8" steel treads will be covered with two 2 1/2" old-growth walnut slabs that have been hanging around Mr. Wagaman's shop for years. Finish on the stringer will be satin black. The walnut treads are approximately 11 1/4" x 36".

Jagerson Residence

Just installed these yesterday after a quick fabrication last week. Thanks to Miller's Custom Powder Coat for a speedy turnaround. 1 1/2" posts and railing with 1/2" sq. pickets. (No, I did not carve the squirrel)...