ISU Memorial Union - front desk signs

These signs have been a LONG time comin'. It was in the best of intentions to have these done and installed about five months ago before former Union employee, Kathy Svec, retired. Well, due to some unforeseeable circumstances (floods - long story) and some planned circumstances (a newly arrived son), they will be dropped off tomorrow awaiting installation by the Jim and Ed in the Union's Mechanical Dept., a former employer of mine. Actually, I was employed by the Memorial Union for almost 10 years during high school and college.

The signs were built out of oak the Union harvested during the most recent renovation when the Sun Room was extended south towards Lincoln Way. Not pictured is a 1/4" thick 1" wide border that is inset 1/4" from the edge of the perimeter. It follows the contour of sign where then two "C" scrolls meet in the center at the top of the sign.

Correct punctuation.

Oops. Of all the letters, symbols and punctuation cut from 1/8" steel, it was two commas that came up missing. Well, if you'll check the last pic in this post, you'll see was is the negative space of one of two commas that did make it off of the plasma table. I then carefully used a cut-off wheel to ever so carefully cut out two additional commas for the second sign. Slight variations? Yeah, but 10' in the air, it'll be tough to see with the naked eye.

Thanks to Rod Simpson and Kathy Svec for their collective patience with this job. I hope retirement is everything you had hoped it'd be, Kathy!!!

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