Gabriel Saenz's bed

Long time "i can weld..." blog follower, Gabriel Saenz, recently commissioned this platform bed through Factor II Fabrication. The bed is actually a mass-produced piece from a large company, but is literally just plywood with some stained veneers glued to it. I checked out one in person and was less than impressed with the construction. For Gabriel, we've decided to build his queen-sized commission out of reclaimed barn wood; like so many of the other recent jobs being done around here in the wood shop!
I really enjoy building with the reclaimed stuff. I've said it before - when this stuff is gone, it's gone forever. We'll never see lumber or construction techniques like this ever again. It feels really satisfying to preserve some heritage while hopefully passing it on to future generations. Thank you so much, Gabriel.

And, it's not as if Gabriel doesn't know quality - or lack thereof - when he sees it. This is a photo he sent me of a door his mother and step-father collaborated on in Colombia, South America. (I believe you told me Colombia...correct me if I'm wrong!) His mother is the carpenter, while her husband tends to the fire forging the steel and welding. This set of doors is for a church under construction in their town. Absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to head down south to work a few weeks on something like this with the two of them. That'd be a great working holiday...

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Anonymous said...

yes, you got it. And you are probably the few that actually spelled it correctly, thank you.

Can't wait to see the final product.