Gabriel's platform bed - rail connections

Here's what will be the "hidden" connection of the rails (top) with the foot rail (below). The view of the foot rail in the picture is of the bottom. The bolts will fasten through the interior face of the foot rail and be tightened with two washers and nuts each. Unless you're cheek-to-the-floor, one will never see it - seamless.

Basically, fabrication of all the pieces is finished. I put a bevel on a huge piece of beam approximately 6" x 8" that four feet will be cut out of. Unfortunately, my camera batteries went dead and I wasn't able to grab and pics. I'll snap some first thing in the morning before cutting each individual foot. Being Mr. Smartypants, the degree of the bevel is 15 degrees, which is exactly the angle the headboard will be reclined at.

One more day of tidying up the cuts and then a full day of sanding. I need to get over to see Toby Larsen in Ames for use of his wide-belt sander to surface the headboard. Should have no problem delivering this next week after a couple of coats of Varathane.


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Anonymous said...

I like "smartypants" better than OCD, knew you'd make that cut match. Thanks!