Hohanshelt Residence railing for Gardner Homes

Unfortunately, I forgot my Canon today - so we have to settle for cell pics. I really wish I would've had a real camera, because the cell phone doesn't do these rails justice. I'm thrilled with how they turned out. The silver looks so clean on the horizontals against the maple - VERY modern indeed! THANK YOU to everyone at Miller's Custom Powder Coating, especially Brian and J.J. - I really appreciate the FAST turnaround! Installation couldn't have gone any easier either. The spacing between of the 1/4" flanges was perfectly fitted between the newel posts.

Enjoy your new home, Family Hohanshelt!

A BIG thanks to Matt Gardner of Gardner Homes for taking a chance...means a lot.



Courtney said...

It looks great, Boonie. Very modern indeed.

Boonie said...

Thanks, Superstar!!!