Some candies...

Not really any candies...but if you knew a Bosnian production manager that worked at Sticks named Ned, you'd get the joke. And I couldn't think of another title for this post.

Really, who IS the Squiggy though?

Above is a mock-up of one of two end tables for our house. Bethany and I picked out a piece of zebrawood last night at Woodsmith Store. The grain orientation can be really wild at times and makes power-planing difficult as the wood develops checking and chatter marks quite easily. I'll have my buddy, Toby, run these through his wide-belt sander to surface the tops. The frames are 1" square tubing that's been rusted and sprayed with polyurethane.

This is one of two reclaimed barn wood tables. The 1 1/2" thick table tops measure 20" x 36", with the one pictured above standing 34 1/2". Both are constructed with pinned mortise and tenon joinery, as shown below. The other table will be coffee table height.

It seems like I'm building everything in pairs these days, and this shelf is no exception. The books are actually going to be recessed into the wood and act as "book" bookends. The spines will be set back (as shown) so the recessed couple of inches won't be seen. These were inspired by Juxtaposed:Power from Blankblank. I can assure you mine won't be $3K...no kidding, follow the link.

Looking in my rearview mirror while leaving the shop, I had to pull over and take some pictures. This was around dusk, 8:56 p.m., as a nasty cell was rolling in...

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