Tall-back chair

Here's a current drawing I threw together in Adobe Illustrator CS5. Like many others, I know Photoshop reasonably well, but never had the chance to dabble with Illustrator. This past week, I kind of threw myself into this drawing as a little crash-course.

This drawing is a takeoff of an Arts & Crafts chair featured in Judith Miller's exhaustive tome, Furniture. In keeping with period correctness, it's my intention to use as much quarter sawn white oak as possible. The legs may seem a bit chunky at 3" x 3" each, but with the back ones at nearly 5' tall, the height should put them into an appropriate proportion to the eye.

Construction will be pinned, mortise and tenon, though the pinning is not pictured in the drawing. I just need to finish up some paying jobs before I can get to this fun one. If you're interested in a set of four, I'd be willing to wheel and deal. Hit me up:

info at factoriifab dot com

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