Heroic Ink - Modern, old town store sign...?!?!

Yesterday, the illuminated sign was worked on for Heroic Ink. Today, the hanging storefront sign fabrication began. A HUGE thanks goes out to Adam at Howe's Welding and Metal Fabrication in Ames, for getting letters cut out on the water jet in quick fashion. I dropped off a flashdrive with my vectorized font and bam! - 3/16" mild steel letters. I can't say enough nice things about Jim and his crew. It doesn't go unappreciated guys and gals!

In addition to getting the letters, I picked up some cedar boards the letters will be mounted to. The lumber in the picture has been biscuit-jointed and glued-up. Tomorrow, I'll sand the glue-ups, scribe the letters, determine where the mounting holes will go and then weld the 1/4 x 20 all-thread studs onto the back of the letters. I've yet to determine what type of steel frame the wood will be wrapped in...looks like it'll be dealer's choice. This sign will hang from a 1 1/2" gusseted tube square.

The intention of this design is to convey a modern feel - timeless, clean lines and lacking any allusion to any current or future logo Heroic Ink might have. The cedar will be sealed, but not painted. All the steel will be painted black. The text will likely be black as well. Stainless letters were considered, but then abandoned due to cost.

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