BlueCat Illegal Pinewood Derby Race

All work and no play makes Boonie a duller boy. So, after finishing up the lighted sign for Mump and Hugo today, I started work on my pinewood derby car. No, I didn't miss out on my youth by not building one. I actually did quite well winning first place in 1988 for Cub Scout Den 150 in Madrid, Iowa.

"Then what derby are you speaking of, Boonie?"

Why, the one put on by BlueCat Motors in St. Paul, MN of course! All the pertinent information is at their website. However, I was disappointed to learn the open modified class did not allow for propulsion systems. I had something "green" in mind...

Here's what I've come up with for my stock entry. I'm basing it on a fictitious "1929 Ford Model A 'Wagon'"...Bonneville-inspired. I'm gonna pick up a model kit so I can drop a flathead V-8 mill in it.

Interested in racing? Grab a kit and get to fab'n, fella...Races are January, 30 at BlueCat Motors.

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Gabriel E said...

looking good. This is something I didnt have growing up in my country, thanks for the links good to know there are events for "grown ups".