BlueCat Illegal Pinewood Derby Race - cont.

So, I picked up a 1/25 scale '32 Deuce Coupe yesterday at Hobby Haven in Des Moines. I was looking for a flathead V-8 for my Model A pinewood derby car, but had to settle for a standard mill. So, the block was glued up so I could mock up the "motor mount" and "tunnel" for the transmission. Just as I was getting ready to leave the shop, I started looking at the body. "That top has to go," I thought. Two hours later, I had a roof, windows and door posts. Tomorrow, I'll work on putting in a dash and a driver's seat.

Oh, what's this? This is what we in the industry call a "glue-up."

"What is this glue-up for, Boonie?"

You're gonna have to wait and see. This is going to be my modified class entry.

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