Zart 1312 forged railing...FIN!!!

Well, it came down to the 11th hour, but the railing for Zart 1312 was indeed ready to go for Maribeth's first event on April 1. A few loose ends need to be tied up, but we're pretty much a wrap on this one. Though, Maribeth has a few more builds inside to complete. They should be great too!

Thanks go out to Terry Reeves for the milling of the mahogany molding, Nate Fetus for pitching in on the cleaning of the rails and especially April Moore for her undying eagerness to learn and heed constructive criticism. April's dedication to the build really made this job a success. Seriously, I couldn't have done a job this big in such a short period of time without her enormous contribution. You have a solid future in this field, girl!

Thanks, ALWAYS, to Miller's Custom Powder for their extraordinary generosity and hospitality.

Last but not least, thanks to Maribeth Trevillyan for trusting us in getting the job right and installed on time. It was a pleasure working on this one, despite the long, long days and nights and we look forward to knocking out that list of future endeavors.

So...cheers. I'm gonna go sleep for a couple days.

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John Warren said...

yo da man!! woodsmith knows you
rock, but your jazz 'n design, rolls.
original creations are a tough call
and you keep a great 'flow' through
your productions. how about some shots from 'haiku'? another soooper
project to report. jw