ISU - Oak/Elm dining hall shelves

Today's post is an update on the shelving being fabricated for ISU Dining in the newly renovated Oak/Elm Hall. Check out this entry from a couple of weeks ago for a drawing of the design.

Thanks goes out to Eric at Colony Heating and Air Conditioning for busting these oak and elm leaves out for me on Monday. Fast turnarounds rule. The leaves will be cold forged and welding to some vineyard bar under the shelf, running the length of the fixture. Again, go back to the drawing for a clearer explanation.

I drew these leaves in Adobe Illustrator CS5 and was able to save each as an AutoCAD .dwg. I absolutely love Adobe.

After not being able to find the shorty tri-pod my wife threw away, I improvised with a 1/4 x 20 bolt, Vise-Grips and my Jawhorse. For what? As if fabrication pictures aren't boring enough, I've been recording footage of myself in the highly entertaining act of fabricating on my Flip for a compilation video of this ISU job. We'll see how it turns out after installation is complete and I can edit all the clips together. I'm having a hard time coming up with an accompanying tune to go with welding, grinding, drilling etc....Any suggestions?

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