North Liberty deck addition & railing

For some reason Clint and I thought it would be a good idea for me to do this welding job in the middle of one of the hottest streaks this year during the hottest part of the day. After we were done today, I headed to Kum & Go and bought a store t-shirt to replace the totally drenched one on my back. This was miserable today...

The only existing railing was on the steps leading up to the stoop. We added the support post that is directly below the outside corner of the newly finished deck Clint added to the second floor. To the give the post a little more function, it now also acts as a railing post, with the addition of another right next to the house against the siding. All posts are 2 1/2" sq. tubing. The railing is 1" x 2" rect. tubing turned on edge. The homeowner will provide the finish via enamel paint.

Even though I could have gotten by using solid, mild steel MIG wire, I opted for .030 flux core wire with additional gas shielding. The welder was powered with a 5500W generator with a single 3-pole, 220V twist-lock outlet. We built a converter setup wiring a 50A receptacle into an L14-20 plug. My welder doesn't pull more than 20 amps, so I wasn't too concerned about overworking the generator, or tripping any breakers. The beads laid down looked pretty freakin' good. This made for a tidy little portable setup.

Thanks to Clint Haight of Custom Projects and Homes for taking the "action" pics of me under the hood.

Hot show, dude...hot

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