Inaugural BlueCat Motors Illegal Pinewood Derby Race = FUN!!!!

It cannot be overstated how awesome this event was. Okay, I guess it can. But for a bunch of gearheads left to freeze in our shops during a long, cold winter, this was a great way to spend WAY too much time on a car shaped in pine. Again, big thanks go to Blue Cat Motors in St. Paul for the facilities...AND...the Minnesota chapter of The Lucky Bastards C.C. for the coolers of beer! Couldn't have made the cars go without fuel! Pictured above is Blue Cat co-owner Ryan Scott weighing in cars.

Here's a post-race shot of my cars. Yes, I was fortunate enough to take home two trophies. First place in the Vintage class and second in the Stock class. "Shotgun" Shelley Barnes, Jordan Dickinson and Jesse Dickinson are pictured in this photo.

Race action in progress...I don't remember the tracks being aluminum when I was younger. The right-hand lanes were definitely faster.

...And here's your author. Give a grown man an overwhelming sense of pride and a few beers and he WILL start acting like he's 10-years-old again.

Thanks to everyone who took these photos. Send me your name if you want credited for snapping them...


Anonymous said...

You look creepier than ever with that uniform on and your tounge hangin out. Please stop. K-THX-BAI!

Scared in Des Moines

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Boone:
After seeing this picture of you in the uniform, we'd like to offer you a free lifetime membership to our exclusive club. I hope you'll consider accepting our generous offer.

Yours Truly,
NAMBLA, Central Iowa Chapter