The Factor II Fabrication website

After a bit of delay (my self-imposed waiting period), I'm thrilled to announce the "debut" of the Factor II Fabrication website. If you've been visiting this blog for a while, great, keep visiting! It's more than likely this blog will end up being updated far more than the site...'cause it's a blog...duh.

Please direct any interested parties to the new site for estimates or general inqueries. AND, after a piece or job is commissioned, they can jump over to the blog and follow its progress just like we normally do. Besides, the URL is a whole lot easier to jot down compared to this blog URL.

An infinite amount of thanks go to my college chum, Randy Webb for the implementation and "nerd-work" of said site. I'm not very good at the alt.nerd.geek.com stuff, Randy, so I envy that you can do "nerd-work"...it's a compliment, dude. Randy's witty nature, and surname, came up with the clever name Webb Development...hopefully he has some time to get his own site up and running.

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Ryan O'Rourke said...

Wow Boonie, it looks awesome! Congratulations.