Light table - looking for an owner

This piece has been weighing on my mind for a few years now...and in the works for as long. The table top is two laminated pieces of 3/4" birch MDF; 48" diameter. The center has been CNC machine routed to accomodate a 1/2" pane of tempered glass 24" in diameter. The skeleton of the pedestal is 1/2" tube square wrapped with 20 gage sheet metal. The inner wall of the pedestal will be wrapped with 1/8" birch ply. The base is made entirely of solid maple with an inlay of 1/4" depth to allow for the acceptance of the lower steel ring. The visible reveal of the maple flush with the steel is 1" (as shown in the picture). Six threaded studs have been welded to bottom of the lower ring, thus, allowing for the fixation of the wood base to the steel pedestal. The addition of a dimmable light at the bottom of the base will allow the user to set the illumination viewed through the glass. Four floor levelers with plastic glides will be inset into the bottom of the base to protect any flooring. Client will have choice of the finished color and stain for the steel and wood, respectively.

This is a one-off piece I have little intent of producing in the near future. I'm not saying I'll NEVER build another, but the cost of material, time and labor all culminates to be quite a bit of work.

Questions, comments and complaints can always be directed to me, Boonie...Thanks for taking a look, I'll entertain any serious offers sent to me.

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of this table. If this is still available I would be interested in talking more with you. You can reach me at rebelwoman76@hotmail.com Sincerely, Jeannie