Red oak built-in

Despite the title of this blog, I am versed in the trade of "carpentry." At least, enough to be more than dangerous. Actually, I've been messing around with lumber and carpentry tools MUCH longer than any welding/steel fabrication. This post is an example. This is a small oak built-in for a client I previously built a Craftsman style bench for. She's had lots of custom Arts & Crafts and Shaker pieces fashioned for her by some of her "Amish" boys. Very cool stuff. But, seeing how it might take them a long time to get to Ankeny, I was her next choice. Pretty basic design really: 3/4" oak ply fastened to the walls with four shelves attached (pocket holes) to the ply. The most difficult task, and even not that bad, was anchoring the base to the concrete under the carpet. The following photos are the fabrication and mock-up of the finished piece while I was still in the shop. Today, pieces were fit, adjusted and stained in preparation for polyurethane tomorrow and, with any luck, final assembly.

Here's the base. MDF on the bottom with laminated oak ply that has been kerfed to achieve a requested "softened" radius.

The base with the bottom shelf on it.

The completed mock-up sans trim pieces.

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