Schwertfeger Residence - reclaimed wood floor lamp

Here's a floor lamp we fashioned out of a 8' reclaimed tree. The limbs were forged out of 1" pipe to allow for the wiring to be concealed. The flanges had holes drilled drilled in them before the limbs were welded to them. This allowed the client to run the wiring down the back of the trunk and through the base.

The globes...are another story. Jeremy and his wife found them in Italy, thinking they would be the perfect adornment for this project. They came packaged as geometric pieces that required "some assembly"...and a doctorate in advanced mathematical analysis. The instructions included some rough drawings...and directions in Italian. Luckily, Jeremy's father is known to feed on challenging, brain-busting puzzles. What we struggled with all summer, took him a few hours.

The result is this one-of-a-kind, rustically modern piece.

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