Goemaat tables for Deborah Philips Interior Design

This has been a steadily planned project for a few months now. Interior designer Deborah Phillips approached me about building a few tables out of one retail table...basically, cutting what was to be two tops - now three - out of one of these.

What we ended up with were a desk (23 1/2" x 70"), a coffee table (28" x 51") and a round end table that has yet to be built. The huge slab of wood came from Restoration Hardware in one gigantic 77" x 62" slab with a thin-walled sq. tube frame beneath it.

At almost 2 1/2" thick, it wasn't the lightest piece I've ever dealt with.

The coffee table is composed of 2" sq. steel legs with a 1" sq. steel perimeter around the top and 1" sq. steel cross members at the ends on the bottom. This piece has been force oxidized and sealed with a clear powder coat finish.

The desk's frame is composed of 1 1/2" sq. steel tubing throughout. The center ring is 6" dia., 3/4" tubing. The "rays" are solid 1/2" sq. steel bar. The desk has been finished with "breccia smooth matte" powder coat.

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