Royal Mile flagpoles

Here's some fabrication pics of four flagpoles headed for the Royal Mile on 4th St. in downtown Des Moines. Hutch wanted a ball finial on each pole, so I sacrificed a few ornamental ball caps. The actual poles themselves are simply electrical EMT. It was chosen for being light, but still relatively strong and a modest galvanized finish to reduce the onset of oxidation. A few chain links were cut in half and welded to the poles as attachment clips for the flags. Another link was welded down by the bottom that will have a safety cable fished through it and then fastened to an additional fish-eye anchor on the exterior wall.

The flanges are 6" x 8" 1/4" mild steel with 1/2" holes spaced to be on center of the bricks' mortar joints. A hole was drilled into the tube that accepts the poles. A bolt and nut will then be run through the holes to keep the poles from coming out. There's really no such thing as over-engineering when fixtures all overhead of public right-of-way areas.

The poles are being shot gloss black powder with a fizz can painted gold finial. Install should happen in the next day.

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