Yesterday I got back from Sioux City after running some steel up to Valmont Coatings for Artistic Iron Works, my former employer. My old bench is still there over by Kevy's area. I found these and was elated, for I hadn't had them in months since leaving. I shared my elation to Kevin who compared me to "Senior." Every shop, well, every "old" shop has a "Senior." He's the elder of the shop that was, until last year, coming in everyday to "work," at the age of 88. All the tools were very sentimental to him. I often laughed at him for it. He had a story for every piece of steel, machine or miscellaneous piece of shit in the shop. But, I can somehow relate to him now. These were my first "welding" pliers I purchased for my first welding course I took. They grab hot metal, loosen nuts, cut wire and loosen nozzles tips on a mig gun. As a welder, here's my favorite tool.

Kevin's just jealous...cause he doesn't have a pair. Or a pair of pliers either...

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