Gonna get my kicks on Route 66

So me and my homeboy, Jon, just confirmed today that we are leaving the Midwest on Monday morning. He recently "completed" a '29 Chevy hot rod and we're gonna take it on it's first big maiden voyage. It's gonna be tight quarters, but we're in search of warmer weather and are willing to do the "close 'bro" thing. Destination: Phoenix. I will be posting here everyday, multiple times...outside...in a t-shirt.


Ryan O'Rourke said...

Awesome. I'm sure you guys will have a great time. Didn't want to come to MN though??

Ryan O'Rourke said...

T-shirt, huh? Do you have any t-shirts that fit?

Greg and Vicki said...

Hey Boonie, this is your Homeboy, Jon's Grandpa, and I hope you manage to stop off in Paradise on the way, Jon will tell you all about it if you can take the time, I will guarantee you a great steak if you have the time.
Grandpa Max.