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Jon and I started kicking around North Phoenix yesterday by visiting our friend Justin P. Oddly, Justin has an uncanny resemblance to Jon's brother, Danny. Justin works at Sucker Punch Sallys in Scottsdale. It was weird driving around all these corporate box-type buildings only to find one with a bunch of scoots on lifts and mechanics assembling them. The above pic shows the new shop gloves I fashioned for him after lunch.

The afternoon held for us a sweet treat. We drove across town to Foundry Moto to tour the shop and have some incredible hospitality laid upon us by Matt and Robbie. Thanks for the tour of the joint and all the stories, Matt.

This is the first sidecar for Matt built for his 10-year-old son who's in a wheelchair. He fabricated 10 more for others in the San Diego area where he splits his time.

The cab-over bus is one of only 15 in existence. Of those, only five are on the road. This is one of them; ready to haul Matt's son, some bikes, surfboards and hit the beach.

View from the loft in the shop. Yep, that's a fireman's pole...it may have other uses than that though.


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