Haiku - stainless steel counter top

What a week. I can't even begin to explain what a daunting undertaking constructing a 24' stainless steel counter top can be. Just the sheer physical size of the project is more than enough for a one-man shop. The actual welding of two 14 ga. stainless steel joints measured at 32" is a monster I had yet to face. I barely...barely slayed the beast. Learn a lot I did on this one! So much so, I'll have to really evaluate taking on another one of these. I have a newfound respect for stainless steel.

Obviously, just moving this thing takes a few guys. No shortage of thanks should be paid to everyone at Miller's Custom Powder Coating. JJ, Terry, Bob and Pauly - thanks for loading, unloading, flipping and moving this thing around over the past week. Big thanks to Brian for use of the trailer! A HUGE thanks to Jim Howe at Howe Welding and Fabrication in Ames, IA. Jim was INCREDIBLY generous to open his shop up to me last week in order to do some stress relief on the stainless joints. Howe's generosity is seldom found these days. Thank you.

Now, I just have a day of polishing ahead of me this week.

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