Here's a little project I did for my folks last weekend. I had some leftover 14 ga. hot roll laying around, so I finally got around to cutting out a magnetic chalkboard for them. The day before, I measured for all of the cut-outs; telephone jack, light switches and granite counter top. With the measurements, I made a template out of contractor's paper to check the fit on the wall before tearing into the steel. Unlike wood, there wouldn't be a chance to "file" and "shave" the steel if the holes were a little bit off. In other words, each measurement had to be "dead nuts" on. After transferring the lines to the steel, I cut it up as it looks above.

I failed to grab any pics of the chalkboard paint applied to the steel. Seriously, it would have been like watching paint dry. And to be honest, I can't really say I'm a big fan of said paint. Don't get me wrong, it's passable. The fine folks at Valspar failed to give any hints or directions with regards to application of said product other than prepping the surface like any other paint. I applied with a roller, but ended up getting a raised texture. I called the 1-800 number on the can to grab some of the aforementioned "left-out-tips." Ends up, a finer textured roller would have been better (or foam) and a HVLP spray the best option. The gentleman at Valspar also informed me that one shouldn't repeatedly work the paint as it has elastic qualities and continued coverage would only make it worse.

I'll get a shot of the installation as soon as the sun cooperates. The chalkboard is right next to the front door and the glare is horrendous.

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