I know, I haven't uploaded anything in the last week. But there really hasn't been anything to post recently. Bethany and I are heading south to the French Quarter with some friends from Ames tomorrow. The pic is of one of my "Top Five All-Time Favorite Bars." We get back next Monday and then I'm off to St. Louis to work Rib America.

Speaking of food, I've finally found an outlet for my food and drink rants. Food Tour of Iowa founder and author, Ben Gordon, has invited my wife and I to contribute to his fantastic blog. Ben is way beyond his physical years, both intellectually and academically; an old soul if there ever was one. Place a bookmark or RSS feed on his site, you'll see more of me there in the coming weeks than here.


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hswell said...

Have a good trip! I'm definitely subscribing to the Food Tour of Iowa blog so I can see more of Bethany's incredible photos and both of you posting on things gastronomic.